Monday, September 13, 2010

added some keyword filters to the site

we have added some keyword filters to /

we have seen a disturbing rise in keyword searches for photos of minors and other similar inappropriate subjects.

While none of the images are hosted on our servers, it casts an uncomfortable shadow on the site search archives and suggested photos areas. we do not want to be confused with web sites who promote, encourage, or endorse such content - even if it is 'legal'.

while we don't stop people from browsing the web and do not want to get into the business of freedom of speech censorship, we are trying to block certain activity from being displayed by our database... so we just ignore a series of words that are now on the naughty list.

we hope you all understand and support the decision.

Monday, August 9, 2010

funny images found on

What not to do in case of a fire. Fire safety 101... stop, drop and roll! domain name goes live

I've been running the Image Fetching program as while in beta. Now the site can be found using the domain name.

we hope that this domain name is more descriptive of what the site actually does... fetch images!

please send feedback and let me know your thoughts on the image search project.